Pittsburgh Steelers – CBS Sports

Gravity Files – OLN

X-Men – MTV Sports

NY Bike Messengers put their life on the line just by going to work. This piece, which I directed and produced, was submitted the year MTV Sports received an Emmy for Best Edited Show.

ESPN 20th Anniversary Show

We shot this open from discarded motherboards and other outdated or broken technological hardware. We’d like to think of it as giving new meaning to recycling, but it was really due to the small budget. (Director/Producer)

Friday Night Tykes was the Emmy Nominated docu-series that aired on Esquire when it was still a tv network. First Texas (TYFA), and then Western PA was added to the franchise. Ricky was one of my favorites, the shlubby, funny, anti-hero underdog coach with the Bad News Bears team. 441 Productions